Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sketch Challenge

Well the weather is not so hot here today. One minute it's raining and then when you look out it's snowning. It really can't make up it's mine what to do. All I know it's hard to get a good pic today for cards. Well on a brighter note....

This is my favourite day for stamping. Today is Sketch Challenge on SCS. I love doing the sketch ones.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oh !! What was I thinking?

Well late last night I checked SCS and I recieve a comment and I Laughed. When I did the feature stamper challenge from SCS, which I thought I did pretty good on ...I used the wrong Feature Stamper gallery.

I have to apologize to Michelle ..cause I used Beth gallery for the first challenge FS66. So I quickly did a Card from Michelle's Gallery.So here is the card I did for Feature Stamper MICHELLE and This is her card .

This is another Challage that I did. I went to my Friend Dawn's yesterday to work on this next card. Had a GREAT time. Thanks Dawn. It was to Try A New Technique ( TWO WAY OPEN CARD) I love doing different things.

If you have any questions ..please ask.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Amy's sketch and Feature stamper Challenges

Well been busy today ..and I'm still busy.So this is going to be short and sweet.
The first card is from Amy's blog

Here's the card from freature stamper (this week it was Michelle gallery on scs) Where you picj a card and change 2 or more things to that card. Here's Michelle's and her's mine:

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Sunday

It's very nice here again today. I hope it stays this way, you never know living in Alberta or I guess anywhere for that matter.It so nice to see the sun all day.

Well here are 2 cards that I did from Lauren's Blog. This is the first time that I did her sketches. I'm happy that I did them .Lauren has amazing things .

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekend Sketches

Wow!! I can't believe how time flies by when your stamping.
I did some sketches today from Beate's Blog and Jen's Blog.
I know that my favorite challeges is ...Sketch.
Beate's Sketch:

Jen's Sketch:

Well, here in Edmonton today was nice. I can't believe we almost have our spring snow fall gone.It will be great when we have more nice weather and when it's 40 above ,we'll still be complaining.

I hope you all have a Great weekend.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Limited supplies Challenge

Well I have to say it was a busy day.I got out of the house today ..Yaaah!!

We had a pizza luch at the girls school today. I went and did a few things (I mean a few ,they wouldn't let me do much) Sorry, Dawn that I couldn't do a whole lot.

The card that I made today is for a challenge on scs lsc165, it was to use your scraps to make a card.Since I just started to stamp it was a challege forsure . I can really see how the scraps would pile up.
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ways to use it Challenge

Oh my! I'm getting cabin fever this week. Can't wait to go outside..My foot still has pins and needles in it ,especially my heel. I can't wait for it to leave my body and feel normal again(if that's

I sure have alot of time to stamp this week. I get so invole in it and I forget to eat ,oh well loosing a few pounds will not hurt me.

This is a card that I did for scs challenge today.It was ways to use it ..using scissors.I paper pierce the Umbrella.I really like the way this card turned out . I guess I could say that .I hope you like it.

This is a card that I did the other night .I wanted to made a simple card. I also used this card for the Challenge ..Ways to use it on scs, since I cut out the top of the rose with scissors.
If you have any questions please ask.
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sketch Challenge

Gee..It took me awhile to create something today.

I knew what I wanted to do but getting it done was another thing.

Well, I did enough resting today so I'm good to go for tomorrow.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Be Inspired Challenge

Well so much for resting
I seen Beate's Be Inspired Challenge #1o and I said I should give this a try,I did.
With a limited amount of supplies I came up with this....

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Color Challenge

My first color challenge from scs163....Wow!!!!
I really love these colors, so I was so excited.
Well I guess I should go and have to rest now or I won't get better.
I really don't think that stamping is hard on me but I better do what the Dr. said.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Another Sketch Challenge

It's Monday and I went Back to the dr. this morning and he told me I have to have bed rest for a week...but I did sneak a card into my day at home..

I was told about a super sunday sketch for Amy's blog I checked it out and I gave it a try.

I think I did a ok job..since i'm only starting out with stamping ,I have limited supplies but I make do.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Beate's Weeekend Sketch Challenge

I haven't made a card for a couple of days now.
I did something with my back and the pain was so bad at times ..I was to the Dr. on Thursaday ,he gave me T3's but they just make me sick...but on Saturday I manage to get out for a SAS.
So,today I made a card from Beate weekend sketch challenge#44 ...I have been looking at Beate's blog for sometime now..she has amazing things on there.
I am learning all this blogging things from my Friend and next door neighbor sure to check out Dawn's blog..... She's been a lifesaver to me. Words can describe of grateful I am to her.
Thank so much Dawn.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My First Sketch Challenge

Wow!! I didn't think I could do it but I did it ..I think I did
I'm so new at this so bare with me...I'm learning all about this blogging.
If you have any questions please ask.
Thanks for dropping by.

Have a WONDERFUL day!!