Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Sketches and challenge

Beate's Sketch

Jen's Sketch
Sharon's challenge (Black &White +1 other color)

Today I worked on Beate's sketch and Jen's sketch. I also did a challenge from Sharon's blog

I really can't believe that time goes by so fast when your stamping....Love it. I hope tomorrow will go by fast too..J/K. I shouldn't wish my time away.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Friday!!!!

I have done a few cards but NOT liking them so they won't be

But last night I went to Dawn's and stamp with a few friends .So I will show you the cards that we done. I really enjoy getting together with friend to stamp.Thanks Dawn.

Tomorrow I will be stamping and doing a few challenges that I want to do for this weekend.Well .I'm just waiting for DH to get home with dinner,I hope he isn't long cause I'm so hungry right

I hope everyone will have a GREAT weekend.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Thursday!!!!!

This one I did for one of Mackenzie's Teachers

This is the other one I did for Mackenzie's teacher

This is the one I did for Talissa's teacher.

Well,today I just have a few little gift sets that I have done for the girls teachers.(which I have already gave them). It was a challenge on scs . It was a week ago ,Double pocket bag ...there was a tutorial on it.I added a couple of 3x3 card and post it key chain.

I haven't done a whole lot today at home But I have been to the school with my friend doing photo copying .We did it today so we wouldn't have to do it tomorrow.I will get some stamping done then and OH!!! i'm going stamping tonight at Dawn's so I will post them tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day/night.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sketch Challenge

Happy Hump day !!!!!
Today these card were done for the sketch challenge on scs (sc178).
Well I just reverse the colors on the cards.
I really can't believe that I did 2 for this challenge ..this is the first,but maybe not the last
Well I have to run and do a few errands before heading to the school.

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If you have any question please asked. You can check out my scs gallery on what I used ,Thanks.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Color Challenge

Wow!!! I'm eary today. Well I have to go to the school for book fair.

This card is for color challenge on scs
You had to use chocolate chip,sage shadow,very vanilla.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Mojo Monday

Well ,I'm posting late again.I just wonder where everyone gets the time to post When the kids are in bed is the time I get to sit down and post lately.I'm going to try and be a little earlier tomorrow.Well ,I will try I have to go to the school tomorrow to work at the Book Fair they're having .

This is a card I have done from Julee's blog -sketch challenge(mojo39).

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Just a card I did.

Well,it's Sunday again.I don't do alot on sundays.So here is a card that I did awhile back ,which I haven't posted yet .I like to do a posted each day so I keep something on hand when I don't stamp. I hope that everyone had a GREAT weekend.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

A lttle of everything

This is the card I did for Jen's sketch challenge

This is the card that I did for Beate's and Sharon's challenge for this weekend.

Gee, it seems like I'm posting late these past few be honest with ya , TODAY I forgot that I didn't have it done. I was watching a movie with my girls and hubbyand I remember that I haven't posted anything yet.. Well I have to mention that i'm not leaving Cory out of this cause the reason why I haven't mention him cause he's at a friend house for the night.

Well ,I hope you all are having a good weekend.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

TGIF and Limited Suplies

Sorry that I'm posting late. I have been at the school all afternoon ,setting up Bookfair for next week.

Today is limited suplies on scs (you had to use stamps instead of any hardware) So here is my card.

I have other things to post too but I will wait til tomorrow to post them.I have to decide what I'm having for dinner.

I hope everyone will have a Wonderful weekend.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ways to use it.

Well today's challenge was from scs (ways to use it) you had to do a masculine card. I don't have alot of masculine stamps, so I was over at my friend's (DAWN) house again. Thanks Dawn. I wanted to make a simple card but it took awhile to do. it seems when you get an idea in your head and putting it on paper is another story all by it's self .....SO here's what I came up with.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sketch Challenge

Oh the rain, not good for taking pics.
So today is sketch challenge from scs.
Well I'm off to the school for lunch program. I'll be back later with more.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Color Challenge and Mojo Monday's Sketch

Color Challenge
Mojo Monday's Sketch

Happy Tuesday....
These 2 card card I have done . The first one is color challenge from scs (cc167)
The second card is from Julee's blog (mojo38)

Well I hope everyone had a GREAT day. I'm off to get Dinner ready.
If you have any question feel free to ask..Thanks

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Sketch cahllenge and New Technique


Well I never got a whole lot done today.When you have 3 kids and a husband under your feet,there's not much time to do a whole lot BUT to look after them

These two cards that I have done are form Lauren's sketch (popout card)and the other is from scs(try a new technique).

I hope you all had a GREAT weekend. Back to school tomorrow.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sketch Challenge

Ok,I started to making this card last night .I had something else in mind but I had to scrap it just wasn't working. So this is what I came up with this morning. The sketch is from Jen's blog
I couldn't quite get my thinking cap on with this sketch. It's not difficult but I just wasn't feeling it.

Well today is Sunday, trying to be nice here ,when I got this morning it was raining But now it has stopped and the sun is trying to come out. I got alot of cleaning done yesterday and now today I have more ,when do it ever end.......

I hope you all are having a GREAT weekend.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekend Sketch Challenge

Wow!!! today is really beautiful here.

This morning I went to some crafting stores with my friend ,Dawn.I got some things that have been on my wish list for some time now.I also got a few this that wasn'

Well onto the's from a weekend sketch challenge from Beate's Blog. Like I said yeaterday I love Sketch Challenges.

Have to run and get a few things done today ...I hope everyone is having a GREAT day.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Limited Supplies and SSC #35

Happy Friday!!!
This card covers 2 challenges supplies from scs and stamp simply challenge from Sharon's blog . I had a great time doing these challenges within one card.
I'm so glad that we have a 4 day weekend this week. I'm trying to get the challenges done before hubby is off for 3 we can get some yard work done..which is is in need of TLC.
I hope everyone will have WONDERFUL weekend. I'm going to try.
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ways to Use it..

Well ,last day for school this week..yaah 4 day weekend.
Today was Ways to use it challenge. It was inches.
Inch by Inch . ...
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sketch Challenges

I just love doing any sketch challenge.

Today is a sc from scs

This next card is from Jen's sketch from the past weekend .The sketch is here.

Wow !!I have another. This one is from Julee's blog. It's called MOJO Monday.The sketch is here.

I don't label what I use on my cards. If you like to know you can go to my scs gallery or you can email me .

Have a Great Day.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Color Challenge

Sorry , that i'm posting so late. I forgot that I didn't do My blog today.

Today was color challenge ..Ruby Red,Soft Sky and Pumpkin Pie ..I used Ruby Red,Pumpkin Pie but I used Bashful Blue instead of soft sky (don't have this color card stock).

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Monday

Today is another busy day...when is it not busy with everything that I do..

I did the the challenge on scs (Try a New Technique) today was embossing and water coloring.

Well I have the embossing thins but I didn't have the water coloring supplies ,so I was over at Dawn's again.(THANKS DAWN). Then I went to the school for lunch program ,made dinner now I have to go and get a cat scan done and then I have a meeting tonight. So I guess I didn't get much housework don today,BUT I have a wonderful husband that does alot for me.

So here is the card.

OH!! I almost forgot Thanks for taking my pic for this Dawn.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Sunday

Well, like I said in my post yesterday... I would show you the other card that I did while I was at Dawn's .I have shown 4 pics .It's called a Waterfall Card. Dawn seen this card before but never tried it ,so yesterday she said that we have to try it. She said that Dawn G had a tutorial on it. I have to Thank Dawn once again..

Maybe we should do this at our next girls night .This card was fun to do and I think all the other girls would enjoy it as much as I did . So here it is......

Happy Mom's Day! again ....

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Beate's wsc and Lauren's Sketch

It's one day away til Mom's day.
I would like to wish all mom's a Very HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY. ENJOY !! Your Day.
Last night I worked on Lauren's sketch ..Here's what I came up with....

Then, Today I went over at Dawn's house to do her hair.We also work on a couple of cards.I'm so blessed that I have a GREAT friend. She shows me so much about stamping. Thanks Dawn. So one of the cards that we work on was from Beate's Blog wsc47. The other card I will post tomorrow. Check back then to see it.Thanks!!

I hope every mom and ppl who are not mom's a Great weekend.

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Friday (Limited Supplies)

I'm going to be short today ...I have my oldest daughter's B-Day party today.

Here's the card that I done for LSC167 on SCS you couldn't stamp ,so I used stickers.

I hope everyone will have a GREAT weekend.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ways to use it.

Today, I did a simple card for the wt165 challenge. You had to use chipboard.I wanted to add more but I said NO.

I have to correct something for someone that I don't know who posted on the last post ...Yes ,I have 3Kids ( 2 girls and I also have a son) My son don't like getting his pic taken and I don't push him. He has a choice. When I get an update pic of everyone together I will post it. Sorry that I didn't explain that.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sketch Challenge

First of all I have to apologize for posting so late.

I had this card design early this morning. I was at a friends house working on this card . Then I had to go to my daughters school for lunch (where I work for an hour).Then I had to go out to buy a new pair of dress pant for the field trip (which I was asked to go on) one of my daughters is going on tomorrow. Then I had to go grocery shopping. So the day ran away from me. I finally say down after dinner to finsh the card . I have to mention that the weather wasn't great today so getting a good pic was next to impossible.

So this is my sketch challenge (sc175 from SCS).

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Color Challenge

Happy Tuesday!!!!

Well today I went over to my Friend's (Dawn)house to work on this color challenge..I didn't have lovely lilac ( she was very kind to use some)and for today's color challenge you had to use certainly celery ,pretty in pink and lovely lilac.

Well off to get dinner..don't know what yet and I'm so hungry.

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Monday, May 5, 2008

It's still Monday

Wow!! Two post in one day . I hope I will get something done for tomorrow.

Here is a card I have done from a sketch on Julee's Blog (MOJO MONDAY).

Well ,I'm off now to try and do another card...I think I will.
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It's Monday

Well I finally got a card done. I did the sketch challenge from Jen's blog.

I have been in a snail mode lately and I only started to I really have an appreciation for all you stampers who get so much done in a day. I can only get 1-2 cards done in a day.

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Slow Sunday....

Well , My company has left now. I still haven't stamped today so I will show you a couple pocket cards that I did . I'm not feeling too good today,my leg(back) is acting up more than usual.So i'm resting today more than I have been.

I hope everyone is having a GREAT Weekend.

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Weekend Sketches

I have put 2 Challenges into on today .I have Company coming so not a whole lot of time to stamp...arrgh!!

The 2 challenges are Beate's Blog which is a Sketch challenge.The other challenge is from Sharon's blog, which is using Pink,Green and a Flower.

Well off to do some house cleaning.Have a GREAT weekend.

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Good Friday Evening

I haven't had much time today ..busy again. I 've been at the school finishing of the school pics ( along with Dawn).Then lunch program,came home and had to go and get Talissa (daughter) a B-Day cake. I started to clean the house I have my brother and sister-in-law coming tomorrw.

I haven't even stamped anything today...It seem like the only time I get to stamp is late at night. Then i'm to tired in the morning to get up.

Well on to the cards for today (or should I say evening) The first card I have created is from a challenge posted on Julee's blog Mojo Monday sketch35.

This other card is From SCS Challenge Ways to Use it (you had to use ruffles/pleats).WT164

Before I Go I would like to Wish TALISSA (daughter) A Happy 9th Birthday.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Just a Little Something.

Wow!! it's thursday already. I didn't get a chance to stamp today ,yet. I have been so busy ...I had a volunteer Tea at the girls school today,helped with the school class pic,then had to go to the bank and then had to find something for my Daughter Talissa's B-Day Tomorrow. Then had to go and get cupcakes for her to take to the school.So That was my day...but I made a card a little while ago and hadn't post it, so here it is.

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